Getting Cheez Whiz-y With it… and Scott Sullivan, too


The Gearheads host Street Machine and graphics legend Scott Sullivan on a very rainy Dayton (“day-INN”) night, and talk about cars, rain, improvised weapons and more. This one really does have a little something for everyone, assuming that you don’t get out a lot.

The best possible description of this is to imagine yourself at whatever age you were when you first saw the Cheez-Whiz ’55, but with the cool factor of being a fly on the wall in a garage with that car, Scott, and four of his neighbors. It’s cool, and has one heck of a neat historical gem tucked away. You don’t want to miss this one.

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  • The guys re-reinvent reality TV all over again
    – “American Hot Rod Gladiator Ninja” is born
    – Potential hosting job for Hydro Gene
    – The world’s largest throwing star
  • It rains
    – Hear some actual Ohio thunder
  • Alex brings a storm of expletives
  • Brian’s Directorial diary
  • Early influences
  • Ohio drag racing history
  • Custom paint roots
    – Speaking of roots, we talked about hair color, but that’s a extra for subscribers only
  • They heyday of graphics and magazines
    – That “1980’s” stuff
  • Junkyard trawling revisited
  • The “jubilance” of eleven listener and a glove box door button
  • Scott’s Nova
    – Being twenty-two and building the first Pro-Street car
    – October 1979 Popular Hot Rodding Magazine coined the phrase “Pro-Street
    – Setting the street machine world on fire
  • Cramming a 13-inch tire under a  ’71 Dodge Demon in a driveway
  • The Rat Pack car club days
    – Pat’s ’70 LS-6 Chevelle
    –The unseen candy red version of the Nova
    –Leaving the club
  • “Birds can fly, but flies can’t bird.”
  • Winning Street Machine of the Year simply because of a bad parking spot (yeah… you read that correctly)
  • The struggle to find 16 and 18-inch wheels
  • Bringing back Convo-Pro’s. We’re joking.  …maybe.
  • The story behind the ’55 wheels.
  • Assorted details on Scott’s ’54 Chevy project


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Episode Twelve: Scott Sullivan

The Gearheads take you back to the golden age of street machines, when sitting around in the garage and talking cars was the way to spend a Friday night in your acid-washed jeans. Episode twelve has Scott Sullivan, and 107% of your recommended daily allowance of rad times topped with Cheez Whiz.


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Brian Stupski

Brian Stupski


  1. June 3, 2018 at 1:53 am — Reply

    Great interview! Awesome getting to hear stories from one of the people I look up to and am honored to call a friend! Great job!!!!

    • June 3, 2018 at 2:02 am — Reply

      Thank you Michael! Everyone of us in the group was very much influenced by Scott and we had a great time talking to him.

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