Life Lessons and More with Carson Lev


It goes to eleven… The Round Six Gearheads sat down with Carson Lev to talk hot rodding, marketing, licensing, Hot Wheels and being mentored by Ed Roth and Mickey Thompson. Not enough street cred? He’s the guy who brought the real Twin Mill to SEMA, and learned to stripe and letter at the shoulder of Kenny Youngblood. Yes, you read that right. It’s a fascinating episode that’s loaded with life lessons and more.

Carson Lev



  • On being born and raised in the hotbed of hot rodding
  • Growing up in the vicinity of sixteen or so drag strips
  • “Normalcy is mediocrity”
    – Mentored by Ed Roth and Mickey Thompson
  • How insecurity bred drive to succeed
  • Hanging out at Lions Drag Strip while his Mom was at work
    – Washing cars for Mickey Thompson
    – Learning from legends
    – The truth behind the hamburger
  • History as told from the guy who was there
  • The importance of old-school mentoring
  • The dichotomy of Ed Roth and Mickey Thompson as mentors
    – Mickey’s lessons in efficiency and negotiating
    – Learning the value of a name alongside art and design from Ed Roth
  • Early dreams of becoming a Doctor
    – The inspiration of the Dino
  • From Med School to Industrial Design
    – Bringing the ergonomics ideas of Henry Dreyfuss to the field
  • Lettering and pinstriping after a day of designing biomedical products
  • Hanging out with Kenny Youngblood
    – Learning what a Stabilo pencil was
    – Using an afro pick to paint headlamps
  • Kirby’s Clubhouse, Reath Automotive
    – “The Hot Rod Version of the Ed Sullivan Show”
  • Carson’s intro to Wally Parks
  • From medical design to Hot Wheels
  • Licensing the World’s Coolest Car Company
  • The Twin Mill at SEMA
  • The Disney connection
  • How to ace a job interview in one simple step
  • The importance of paying it forward


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Episode Eleven: Carson Lev

The Gearheads welcome the Forrest Gump of the hot rod world, Carson Lev, and talk mentoring by legends, Hot Wheels, the space program and Disney… Plus a whole lot more. Can you say that Mickey Thompson taught you to wash a car? No you can’t. Otherwise you’d have been the guest on episode eleven.


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