You Built a 12-Second Car. From a DeLorean?!


The Round Six Gearheads sat down with documentarian Adam Kontras, and talked DeLorean DMC-12’s, time machines, Back to the Future movie cars, LS engine swaps, automotive drama, Shakesperian betrayal… and Eric’s eating habits, naturally.

All of this as Adam’s documentary, Fastest DeLorean in the World hits Amazon Video, sharing fortuitous timing with another story about a kid from Columbus Ohio who happens to race a DeLorean. Ready Player One ironically has more screen time of Doc brown’s stylish time machine than does the original Back to the Future. Talk about all things being delicately interconnected.

SPOILER ALERT: Watch the documentary first if you don’t want to spoil anything. It’s a big spoiler.

Wish to have the DeLorean time machine appear at your Birthday, wedding, bris, whatever? Hit up Adam’s site here.


  • How a non-car guy becomes a car guy by way of necessity
  • The incredible sense of community in the car world
  • Hindsight being 20/20
  • The variables involved in building an engine vs purchasing a salvage motor or crate engine
  • Brian ponders mounting turbos in the rear exhaust vents
  • The benchmark of 12.6’s in the 1/4 mile
  • The hard part of having to rely on the car to earn a living while risking breakage
  • Troubleshooting a power dip
  • Sorting gremlins
  • Faked dyno pulls
  • The effect of the new movie Ready Player One on the car’s popularity
  • The incredible tie-in with Don Fullilove, aka Mayor Goldie Wilson
  • Did you happen to know that Suzy is a publicist?
  • Double-feature of Back to the Future and Fastest DeLorean with a Q&A with Adam and The Mayor of Hill Valley
  • The polarizing nature of the f-bomb
  • Creating a f***less version of the documentary
  • The neat coincidence of the shipping of the DeLorean
  • Questioning the manufactured drama of automotive reality television
  • “Ha-ha” vs “horrifying” funny
  • Enjoying a tasty timeslip sandwich with the kids
  • Overlooking the small things when rushing a project
  • The true cost of budget knock-off parts
  • Brian’s endearing soft-ball joke delivery gets a name
  • Where and how to watch the film, and how to help support it

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