The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Suzy


The Round Six Gearheads sat down with autocross enthusiast and 2017 SEMA Show sensation Suzy Bauter.

Suzy goes beyond promoting, and articulates the empowering feeling that Autocross can bring to women, and offers an invitation to all who may be interested in getting involved.
Truly a fun time, and a great look into the exciting sport of Autocross. It’s a good think to drive like a girl.

We learned a lot, had a bunch of laughs and said a bunch of stuff we all pinky swore to never mention again.


  • Brian’s encyclopedic knowledge of females in racing history
  • German podcast awards
  • Eric’s voracious appetite for tacos
  • How wearing an official-looking shirt can make women talk to you
  • How we all met
  • The Rambler wagon
  • How masking tape can ruin your timeline
  • Suzy’s SEMA Ignited parade experience
  • The craziness of a SEMA build with regard to sleep
  • Competing in Goodguys autocross
    – The great fans
    – The awesome support
    – The coming up-to-1987 vehicle year inclusion
  • Rookie mistakes and learning from them
    – It’s not always the parts, sometimes it’s user error
    – The dangers of liquid Mercury-filled shocks
  • Suzy on being the lone girl in her High School Shop Class
    – Being kicked out of Home Economics
    – “It’s a broad issue.” Thanks, Alex.
    – Sewing VS latch-hooking metal
  • The history of the Rambler project
    – From trailer park to SEMA
    – Eight-tracks to glory
    – Performance testing an eight-track tape under high-G loads
  • Hammer pants, LA Gear high-tops and matching scrunchies
  • Brian’s equipment failure breeds a great back massager joke
  • Suzy turns the tables, and asks the Gearheads a question
  • Brian messes up; it was the 1960 Buick Electra w/the reflecting speedometer
  • Alex’s super-low production sequence number ’71 Camaro RS
  • The growing trend of third-gen F-bodies
  • Waxing nostalgic over first cars
  • Learning to drive Autocross
  • A discussion of island-y people
  • The Round Six Gearheads have a sleepover
  • Brian sings!

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