Masterclass: Tom Fritz Hangs Out, Part One


We set out for an interview, and got a masterclass instead. The Round Six gearheads were fortunate to spend nearly five hours hanging out with legendary automotive artist Tom Fritz. We learned and laughed more than we have in years.

We had set out to sit and talk art and life, but managed to take this into masterclass territory.

Things you’ll learn just in episode one of this series:

  • Marketing yourself and your work as an artist
  • Building your portfolio
    – From day job to self-employment
  • How Tom went from cartoon background layout to technical illustration
    – Working through day job frustration as a freelancer
    – Growing a client list
    – Working in the Aerospace industry
    We learned that Tom and our own Alex have a bit in common, working for Northrop Grumman  (and that Tom’s father had worked in the Stealth Bomber!).
    – The value of diversity and deadlines in your work
  • The value of not making your artwork appear photographically realistic
  • Tom’s hot rodding roots
  • The genesis of Tom’s automotive paintings
  • School, and whether it’s best to draw the pirate or the turtle
  • Tom’s early attempts at selling his art
  • Paying your dues, literally and figuratively
  • The value of social media and the internet
  • An awesome cliffhanger!

masterclass tom fritz sema


Going well beyond the palette and canvas, Tom drops common sense and essential wisdom. You’ll learn about color theory and marketing strategy, the value of a hook in your work, and so much more. Tom has more on offer in just part one of this series than any of the Round Six guys could have imagined, and this is barely the tip of an incredible two-plus hour, two-part journey. Be sure to leave your questions, comments and suggestions below, and to join us for pars two, coming in the first week of 2018.

This is far from your average “what’s your favorite color” -type interview, and is a fantastic primer for both the budding as well as established artist, no matter what your subject matter may be.

As always, thanks for listening, and enjoy! Be sure to share with your friends…

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