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A present for little Katie

We all know a dreamer, we all know a Katie!

It’s that magical time of year again when The tree is up, the decorations are strung and there is a nip in the air and snow on the ground. Moms and Dads are sipping cocktails by a fire while listening to Bing’s “White Christmas” and just getting comfortable after putting the children to bed.

The dog and cat are chasing each other while they snore and the little boys are dreaming of hot wheels and Red Ryder BB guns. The little girls are dreaming of princesses and unicorns and they all have the same dream of being a rock star…or automotive artist.

But then there’s Katie. Little Ms. Osborne is not like the rest…she’s cool! Katie’s dreaming of a road racing Auburn Speedster! Ah…the dreams of innocent children….beautiful, isn’t it? Well, Katie’s grown up and she knows what she wants!

Katie at SEMA!

While we (the Round Six Podcast crew) were in Vegas for SEMA, I was asked to draw up a rendering of Katie’s Road racing Speedster to her specs. I was initially nervous about screwing up and causing retakes, but the whole process was a very interesting peek behind the scenes. The PowerNation crew couldn’t have been more accommodating and really made me feel at ease in front of the camera. Thank you guys!

So while you guys are opening gifts, tolerating family and literally slapping the 8th highball out of drunk uncle Larry’s hand, just realize that I got my gifts early. I was able to hang out with my buddies from the Round Six Podcast AND the Powernation crew!

Don’t make Katie sad,

Tune in on December 24th at 7 pm ET on CBSSN (CBS Sports network) to watch “Powernation on the road” and watch me, my snausage fingers and my mug on TV sketching up Katie’s speedster!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




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