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Billy B’s Pirate Cove Hot Boat Show

Billy B’s Pirates Cove Boat Show 2017 Fast_Show_Boats

This is Billy B’s annual Fall show at Pirates Cove Resort just outside of Needles, Ca. Check it out… Thanks to Danny Fox,, ashamaluevmusic and Jason Shaw of for the GREAT music!


Just when you thought summer was over and the days of playing with your boat in the water were over, more cool stuff was still going on at the Colorado River on the California/Arizona border.

On a beautiful Saturday in the middle of September, world famous custom painter Billy B and the group at Pirates Cove Resort put together another amazing boat show. If you’re a huge fan of brightly painted, over powered and really loud boats that are less than 25 feet long, this is a show you really don’t want to miss. To get the “coveted” front and center beach spots you need to be up bright and early and setting up way before the sun comes out. Hearing and seeing some of these blown, alcohol ingesting monsters (hilariously trying NOT to make a wake) cruising in at 5:30am is definitely something to enjoy.

I’ve been involved with many of these creations doing either the pinstriping or lettering (sometimes both) but very rarely see them all put together. This is one of those places where I get to enjoy all the hours of labor invested to actually see them in action and it’s pretty awesome. Billy has two shows he’s involved with and they’re both pretty amazing. The first is in February and the latter in September.

Check out the video and try to attend one of the events if you can because you won’t be disappointed…

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