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Go Trash: Reinventing the Vegas Card Game

Go Trash: Repurposing THOSE Cards in Vegas

If you’ve ever been to the SEMA show or even just Vegas, you’ve seen these cards passed out at every corner. Someone in our group (who shall remain nameless at the moment) thought of a great card game using those very same cards and we decided to record it.

They say that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” We dare add “unless it involves a card game.” That in mind, we have reinvented the classic game of Go Fish. Why? Because we’re ass clowns.

Back in the late 1990’s, Brian was in Vegas, and was first introduced to the world of Escort Card Distribution. You know what that is. It’s those guys that no one makes eye contact with, handing out the little  business card-size ads for escorts. They snap the cards in your chest, and the next thing you know, you have pocket-size soft nudity in your possession. Ready to be dropped like hotcakes onto the sidewalk.

Environmentally-Friendly and Extremely Stupid.

Being environmentally conscious, Brian took it upon himself to rub, nay, burn some lean tissue, and seek out a method for re-purposing these cards. There had to be a better use for these things, other than being dumped unceremoniously on the tarmac. Collecting them just seemed creepy and pointless. A sure-fire way to find oneself in therapy, certainly, and not just not a great idea. What if one could play an actual card game with the cards?! Poker just seemed too obvious (and would require some graphics work).  Pinochle (or its natural abstraction, Penisnochle) just seemed childish. Thinking along those lines, the rules had to be simple, as did the game. A Memory-based game (Mammary) would just be crazy, what with the double-sided design of the cards.

Go Fish it was.

Brian presented the idea while our gang of gearheads were plotting the first Round Six Podcast trek to the SEMA Show, and the guys agreed that this was the dumbest idea ever.

We were in.

Sourcing the cards was a breeze, if not the greatest night in one distributor’s career. Forever will Esteban Rodriguez go down in Escort Card Distribution lore as the guy who handed out over one hundred cards to one man. If ever there were a career night for that industry, it was Tuesday of that week. An award in this honor will look like Alex, hand extended and asking for more cards.

Never let it be known that the Round Six crew aren’t givers.

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