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SEMA Show 2017 Day One Pregame Round Table

Round Six Podcast Live Stream: SEMA Show 2017 Day One

The Round Six Podcast gearheads hit Las Vegas for SEMA Show 2017, and take it upon themselves to have a morning round table (actually “rectangle table”) prior to hitting the road from our way-cool rental digs.

The Round Six Podcast gearheads gather for a SEMA Show 2017 pregame round table talk.

We’ve Never Done This Before.

This was the first time the group has gathered around one table at the same time, and the chemistry was intensely gratifying. We discussed our game plan, our special events, like Del drawing in the Prestone booth and Brian signing posters in the Holley/MSD booth.

The plan is hatched to present our friend Tom Fritz with a special gift, relating to our upcoming podcast episode featuring the famed artist. And then it goes sideways with a discussion about people who just don’t belong at the SEMA Show… And more as well. Give it a watch.

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