Wandering Juice: Episode III

Jinn and Juice.

Great duos make the movie sometimes. Consider Marty and Doc. Tango and Cash. Kirk and Spock. Jake and Elwood or John Connor and the Terminator, or Riggs and Murtaugh… How about Vincent and Jules, or Hansel and Zoolander? You get the drift. Much like Han and Chewie (or even Hall & Oates, if you’ve read my notes for a toe-tapping Star Wars reboot — oh, they do write themselves), the pair should have balance in their differences and similarities. While one is always the “by-the-rules” straight-laced character, the other does things his own way.

Keeping with the Star Wars re-boot idea, I humbly suggest scrapping the prequels, and taking a page from every cop duo ever, and putting Qui Gon Jinn and OJ together to “negotiate” with the Trade Federation, and then taking down the Empire, one wrinkly shitbag after the next.

I even have taglines:
“One is a Jedi Master; the other a washed-up football player with a mean streak.” “Jinn uses the lightsaber, while Juice prefers something a little more traditional.” “One just wants peace and order in the Republic, and the other simply wants his trophy back. Together, they’re the action duo of the Summer’s biggest action blockbuster!”

*side note: There is a reference in Episode I to “Juice”. Bonus points if you know it without the aid of a search engine.


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